Where is Liza Drake Now? Is Liza Drake Real? Who Plays Liza Drake in Pain Hustlers?

Liza Drake, the character from "Pain Hustlers," is not a real person; she's a made-up character for the movie. In the movie's ending, after serving time in prison, Liza starts a skincare business with her family and moves forward from her past.

Where is Liza Drake Now?

Liza Drake, the character from the movie "Pain Hustlers," faced a challenging journey throughout the film. After reporting the unethical activities of Zanna Therapeutics, including her friend Pete and the company's boss Jack Neel, she, along with the others, was sent to prison. Despite Liza's cooperation as a whistleblower, the judge ruled that she should also serve time in prison because of her involvement in the deaths caused by the illegal prescription of the dangerous drug, Lonafen.

However, after her release from prison, Liza did not give up on her life. Instead, she started a small skincare business with her mother and sister, along with some former sales representatives from Zanna. This decision allowed her to move on from the dark past of the pharmaceutical company and create a new, positive path for herself.

Liza Drake's character in the movie is portrayed as a determined and resilient woman who, despite taking a wrong path in her career initially, eventually stood up against corruption and unethical practices. She felt responsible for the harm caused by the drugs she helped sell and decided to make a difference by exposing the truth.

Her character's journey showcases her transformation from a participant in the pharmaceutical company's wrongdoing to a person who sought to rectify her mistakes and make her life count in a meaningful way, ultimately turning her into a hero in the eyes of many.

Is Liza Drake Real?

Liza Drake is a character created for the movie "Pain Hustlers." The film takes inspiration from real-life events related to the pharmaceutical industry, specifically the 2016 incident involving Insys Therapeutics, its founder John Kapoor, and the illegal prescription of the drug "subsys," which contained a highly addictive dose of fentanyl.

While Liza Drake's character in the movie is not based on a real individual, she represents an amalgamation of various whistleblowers who exposed corruption and unethical practices in the pharmaceutical industry. The character of Liza Drake allows the film to tell a compelling and dramatic story inspired by true events while taking creative liberties to craft a compelling narrative. Therefore, Liza Drake is a fictional character and does not exist in reality.

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Pain Hustlers

"Pain Hustlers" is a 2023 American crime drama film directed by David Yates. It's a gripping and intense movie that delves into the dark world of pharmaceutical companies and the devastating consequences of unethical practices.

The film follows the story of Liza Drake, played by Emily Blunt, a high school dropout who gets a job with a struggling pharmaceutical company in Central Florida. As the plot unfolds, Liza becomes entangled in a criminal conspiracy with life-threatening outcomes. The movie is a tense and dramatic exploration of the moral dilemmas faced by its characters and the lengths they will go to for success, power, and survival.

Pain Hustlers Plot

The plot of "Pain Hustlers" revolves around Liza Drake, a young woman who joins a pharmaceutical company that's in dire straits. The company's unethical practices involve pushing a dangerous drug, leading to addiction and overdoses among patients.

As Liza becomes aware of the harm caused by the company's actions, she decides to blow the whistle and expose the truth. This sets off a chain of events, leading to her, along with her colleagues, being sent to prison. The film explores the consequences of her choices and her determination to make amends for her role in the illegal activities. It's a story of redemption, personal growth, and the pursuit of justice.

Pain Hustlers Cast



Emily Blunt

Liza Drake

Chris Evans

Pete Brenner

Catherine O'Hara

Jackie (Liza's mother)

Andy García

Dr. Neel

Jay Duplass


Brian d'Arcy James

Dr. Lydell

Amit Shah

Eric Paley

Chloe Coleman

Phoebe (Liza's daughter)

Aubrey Dollar


Michael Kosta

Guy Schatz

Nick McNeil


Who Plays Liza Drake in Pain Hustlers?

Liza Drake in "Pain Hustlers" is played by Emily Blunt. Emily Blunt is a British actress known for her roles in various films and TV shows. She has received awards and nominations for her performances, including a Golden Globe Award and a Screen Actors Guild Award. Blunt's career began with a stage production in 2001 and her feature film debut in 2004.

She gained widespread recognition in 2006 with roles in "Gideon's Daughter" and "The Devil Wears Prada," which earned her a Golden Globe Award. Over the years, she has appeared in a range of genres, from crime and thriller films to musicals and biographical movies, showcasing her versatility as an actress.


Emily Olivia Laura Blunt

Date of Birth

23 February 1983



Place of Birth

London, England


United Kingdom, United States



Years Active



John Krasinski (married in 2010)




Pain Hustlers Trailer

Where is Liza Drake Now? Is Liza Drake Real? - FAQs

1. Who stars as Liza Drake in "Pain Hustlers"?

Liza Drake in "Pain Hustlers" is portrayed by British actress Emily Blunt.

2. Is Liza Drake a real person?

No, Liza Drake is a fictional character created for the movie "Pain Hustlers."

3. What happens to Liza Drake in the movie?

Liza Drake, after exposing the illegal activities of a pharmaceutical company, is sent to prison. Upon her release, she starts a skincare business.

4. What is "Pain Hustlers" about?

"Pain Hustlers" is a 2023 American crime drama film that explores the dark side of pharmaceutical companies and their unethical practices during the American opioid crisis.

5. When was "Pain Hustlers" released?

The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2023 and was released in select U.S. theaters in October 2023.


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